Happy Hydrangea in Your Landscape in Victoria, BC

Why Are Hydrangeas So Popular in Victoria, BC?
Have you ever stopped the car because someone's hydrangea is calling out to you, and wondered if you too could have this beautiful plant in your landscaping design? You will see hydrangeas everywhere in Victoria – they’re super popular because they provide long-lasting colour in your front and backyard landscape.

Well, I am certain that you can grow beautiful hydrangeas to become the envy of your neighbourhood.

Re-Blooming Hydrangeas

A new generation of hydrangeas has emerged in the last couple of years and they are called re-blooming or ever-blooming hydrangeas. These hybrids grow on last year's woody stems and on this year's new growth! In Victoria, BC gardens I have seen them bloom from May to October. Some of these ever-blooming beauties are “endless summer hydrangea,” “twist and shout hydrangea,” and “let's dance in the moonlight.”

Twist and shout is one of my particular favourites because it is an open-faced flower head (lace cap) that has pink blooms with a slight blue tinge and variations of purple in between. This vigorous grower has dark red stems and shiny green foliage which turns burgundy red in the fall.
Incrediball is a large ball shaped flower that is really large—incredibly as large as a hand. I love to use this plant in backyard landscape designs where there is a dark corner with filtered sun. It brightens up any garden space!

Pistachio Hydrangea
Pistachio is an excellent choice for the gardener who likes something a little different in their yard. The flower starts off lime green, then turns deep burgundy with blue eyes. It's set on lime green leaves that provide the backdrop for this work of art! This is a must-have for any gardener who has a modern house design but likes hydrangea.

Caring for all hydrangeas is pretty much the same. They require heavy feeding and pruning once a year but the care for this plant specimen is considered low maintenance, which makes it attractive to any gardener.
You can magically change the colour of your hydrangea from blue to pink by changing the soil pH. To make them pink add lime several times a year, and use a fertilizer with high levels of phosphorus 25 10 10. For blue hydrangea you can add aluminum sulfate to the soil around your plant. Organic matter such as coffee grounds, grass clippings can help. If there is no aluminum available in the soil, the hydrangea will not turn blue.
Different forms of the mighty hydrangea keep things interesting. Mop head is the kind that grandma had in her garden and is still very common today. Oak leaf hydrangea is very popular and really puts on a great show in late summer, early fall. The leaves turn bright red after the white ice cream cone flowers fade giving a 2-season show.

Hydrangea Pee Gee
Hydrangea Pee Gee was one of the first paniculata (ice cream cone shaped heads) to come out. But nowadays there are lots of different varieties such as lime light and pinky winky.
Landscape ideas with hydrangeas are really endless! Plant them in the foreground with contrasting foliage plants in front such as hostas or azalea, or soften a corner that is perhaps fenced in and use the round flowers to take out the sharp lines, or simply put them front-and-centre as a focal point. Wherever you have a hydrangea in your garden, I am sure that you will see why they are so popular.

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